A lot of my fellow Scans Daily members often have issues when adding tags to their entries. We all make mistakes, after all. I've made them more than a few times... So here's a few simple tips that can help you make the most out of our tags!

But what are tags? Well, tags are small keywords that you can add to a post so they're easy to locate. If someone's looking for a post in particular and doesn't know the address of the post itself, they can click on the character tag and browse around until they find the post they're looking for. Simple, right?

For reference, the Scans Daily tag list is viewable here.

How do I add a tag?
Every entry should have this icon near the top: Edit Icon

Click on it and you'll be taken to a page where you can add the tags you want. You can click on a tag and it'll be added to the box automatically, but due to the way it's designed, you can only click on one at a time - clicking on another will delete the first tag from the box. So how do we deal with that?

First off, go to the main Scans Daily tag list (linked above in this same page), and let it load. Once there, use your browser's search feature (it's usually mapped Ctrl + F on most English-language web browsers for Windows) and type the name of the character you're looking for. For this example, let's go for someone simple: Deadpool.

Once you've found the name, highlight the tag name and copy it. (Ctrl + C usually works.) Now go to the tag entry page again, and paste the name of the character into the box. Make sure that there's no white spaces before or after the name. Do this for every character, situation, book name, author name, or in-joke that you want to add as a tag. Separate each tag with a comma, and once you're done, click on "Save changes" to save the tags. The site will tell you that the tags have been saved and you can either go back and add more tags, or view the page, now with the tags added. Pretty simple, right?

I want to add a tag, but it doesn't seem to exist. What do I do?
If your post has a character, situation or event that doesn't exist in our tags, you can add it! Click on the Add Tag button again and let the page load. Now, instead of selecting a name from the drop box or choosing one from the tag list, enter the tag directly on the box. Do note that we have a specific system in place to minimize clutter:

"admin: " - Reserved for moderator and admin posts.

"char: " - If you want to add a character, then add his name preceeded by "char: ". For example, if you want to add George W. Bush to the tag list, you should type "char: George W. Bush".

"creator: " - If you want to make sure that we know about the author, then add his or her name preceeded by "creator: ".

"era: " - Denotes a specific comic book era. At the moment we have three options: "Bronze Age", "Silver Age", and "Golden Age". If you don't know what's up with those ages then leave them alone.

"event: " - Used to pinpoint posts dealing with company crossover events such as Marvel's Civil War, or DC Comics' Battle For The Cowl.

"genre: " - Used to pinpoint posts with specific genres. For example, Crossovers, Horror, Romance, and so on.

"group: " - Used to tie posts to particular superhero groups. Examples include the Justice League of America, Teen Titans, Young Avengers and the Runaways.

"in-joke: " - Scans Daily in-jokes! Some of these are holdovers from our old community. Trust me, you'll get to know them eventually.

"medium: " - If the item being posted is not on a printed comic, then you can use this to specify where it's from. Some examples include webcomics, newspaper comic, or videos.

"nsfw: " - If the item is not safe for work due to adult content or graphic violence, you MUST use these tags to identify the post or else the mods will yell at you.

"publisher: " - Used to identify the publisher.

"series: " - Some of our posters create long series of posts dealing with a specific character, event, or theme. Or sometimes we have theme weeks where we're encouraged to post something specific. These tags are for them. Series mentioned here include bluefall's When Wondy Was Awesome series, or colonel_green's When Stevie Was Dead series.

"theme: " - Does your post contain Ninjas? Gender swapping? Racism? Religion? Then you can use these tags to make sure we know about it!

"title: " - Used to pinpoint a specific book series or miniseries. For example, 52, Fantastic Four, or Casstoons.

It is very important that you add a space after the colon. So, if you want to add a tag for Superduperman, you should add it as "char: superduperman". And yes, that's a real character. Google it. :P

I still have a question.
Well, I'm no mod. But you can contact them at the address in the Scans Daily community profile, or by asking directly on an admin post.

Remember, this is only a general intro to tags, so don't hesitate to contact the mods if necessary.

Rob approves!
The Rob Approves!

-- Kitsune Sniper
-- Last update: June 15, 2009.