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Patching instructions

I never anticipated anyone would have problems with this translation, but a few people have told me they're having problems, so I made this page to help people out.

Finding the game

Finding the game is easy. Just go in Google and search for "Kyatto Ninden Teyandee (J) [!]". The file can be found quite easily, and you'll get a good hit from a download site right away. Be aware, however, that the file name MUST be exactly the same. It there's other words in the name, like [b1] or [b2], then the patch won't work.

The file must have a CRC32 of 6F1485ED. How can you check this? Well, it's easy with Winrar, just open the zip archive you downloaded. The CRC value should be displayed in the program, like so.


Okay, so now we have the game. Extract the file to a folder. Now download the patches and copy them to the same folder. Once everything's in the same place, you need an XDelta patcher. The program itself is a command line tool, which isn't easy to use (hell, I've been using computers for sixteen years and I STILL hate command line tools) but luckily, people have made frontends to make using the program easier.

There are two tools out there which I recommend. The first one is called "Delta Patcher" by Phoenix. You can get it from here. The program's pretty straightforward. Download the file from the page, then extract the contents to the same folder where the patch and game are located. There should be four files, "DeltaPatcher.exe", "DeltaPatcherLite.exe", xdelta.exe and readme.txt. DeltaPatcher.exe is a bit more complex, so ignore it. Click on "DeltaPatcherLite.exe" and you should see this screen:


This is pretty straight forward. First we need the file to patch - Click on "Open" next to "Original file", then select the game file (Kyatto Ninden Teyandee (J) [!].nes). Then do the same in the second box to choose the XDelta patch you want to use. Remember, Kyattou Ninden Teyandee is the patch with all the Japanese names, while Samurai Pizza Cats is the one with all the American style names.

Make sure that the "Checksum validation" is checked - this will ensure that you're patching the correct game file. Also, click on the box next to "Keep original file". Now, click on "Patch." Wait a few seconds. The program should tell you that the patch was applied successfully! Now there should be a new file in the folder named "Kyatto Ninden Teyandee (J) [!]NEW.nes", and this is your patched game.

The second one (which I mentioned in the updated text file included with the patch) is xdelta UI by Kaioshin. Grab it from here. It works okay but the user interface has some confusing language, so I'll walk you through it. Extract the contents of the archive to the same folder where the game and patches are located, then double click on xdeltaUI.exe. A screen just like this one should pop up. Note: This program requires you to have the .NET framework installed to work. Most computers already have this installed, but if you get a program error, you'll have to install the .NET runtimes. If you don't know how to do this, then ask a friend for help, as I cannot help you personally. Sorry. Anyway.

Not that simple, but still usable.

First, we need to tell the program what patch we're going to use. Click on the "Open" button that's to the right of the box with "Patch:" above it. Then double click either "Kyattou Ninden Teyandee v1.00.xdelta" or "Samurai Pizza Cats v1.00.xdelta" - whichever you want. Remember, Kyattou Ninden Teyandee is the patch with all the Japanese names, while Samurai Pizza Cats is the one with all the American style names. Once that is done, you need to select the game file you're going to patch. Press the "Open..." button in the center, then choose the game rom (Kyatto Ninden Teyandee (J) [!].nes).

The last box, "Output file", is the confusing one. Click on the box with "..." written on it, then in the prompt, write the name of the file you wish to create. For example, type "PizzaCats.nes", then click on "Save". Now, click on "Patch." There should be a new file called "pizzacats.nes" in the folder. That is your patched game. The file should be 393,232 bytes (385 KB) in size. Hooray, a translated game!

DeltaPatcher Lite is much easier to use than XDelta UI and it involves less clicks. I recommend using it if you're not that experienced with software, plus it will work on Windows without the need to install any extra files.

Have fun!