Stupidity abounds
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So a couple of weeks ago, I got this message:

I blinked, then I saw who sent it - and I laughed. For ten straight minutes. Now, who sent it? I'll keep his true identity a secret, but he was one of the people who offered to host me after I announced that Parodius Networking would close. I turned down his offer almost immediately because of what he does.

And what does he do? He sells SNES game reproductions - games that friends and acquaintances of mine have hacked. This idiot has the balls to ask me to translate games for him despite all my translation pages saying that everything I do is not for commercial use. By now I think he's probably brain damaged or worse... so I send him an email.

I guess this hit a nerve because he sent a reply shortly after:

Hey, guess what - I know romhacks are illegal. I've known this due to the twelve or so years I made them. But you know what else? I'm proud to say that I never, not once, asked for money to do these things. Not a single cent. And I'm damn proud of it.

Also, you're charging $65 dollars per cart. $65! CHARGING MONEY FOR LABOR IS STILL CHARGING MONEY. You want to know why so many of us got away with making translation patches? We don't charge money for them, or sell anything. Our work is derivative. We never claimed ownership of the game. We have no real rights over what we do. And the minute you start making money is the minute they start paying attention to you. Because you're making money with their hard work, not them. Supporting homebrew development with the profits? Like hell. You're probably paying for your Cheetos with it or some shit.

People who make money off of freely available patches are scum. You're just as bad as those douchebags that freeware computer recovery programs on eBay. So yes, you moron, you can go screw yourself. People like you are the reason why I stopped translating games.


Agh, I rambled. Sorry about that. The balls on that guy...