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I may not be able to say this over at Scans Daily, but I can here, so hah!

Jeph Loeb:
Nobody in the whole of comicdom, not even Dan Didio, has made me so angry that I want to punch people, except for you.

I openly regret being a fan of yours in the past. Rulk isn't "fun". Ultimatum is a piece of trash. And I truly hope that you blackmailed both the editors of those companies into publishing said trash, because you ... you...

Agh. I'm so angry I can't even come up with the words to insult you!

In short? You, sir, shouldn't even be IN comics. KILLING HALF A COMIC BOOK UNIVERSE IS NOT "GOOD WRITING". You're the only person that has made me rage so much that I want to PUNCH YOU.


(Edit: Wow, I never realized I praised Ultimatum by accident. Mistake fixed.)