John Belushi lives on in Ray Stantz’ dreams – and other tidbits
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So I was reading IDW's Ghostbusters #1 and well, found a ton of awesome easter eggs and references to the series' lore that I figured would be nice to share with people. The first one is a biggie, and reported by several comic news sites that I don't really read 'cause I'm dumb like that. John Belushi is in this comic. Sorta.

Doncha worry, Brother Rayyyyyyy

Sideburns galore!

It's an interesting tribute, considering Onionhead (who'd later be known as Slimer in the cartoon series and the video game) was supposed to be a tribute to Belushi, who died before the movie was greenlit. I noticed a bunch of other stuff which might have gone unnoticed by most folks... The following contains spoilers for the book! (more...)