So where the heck have I been?
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Ahahahaha. Haha. Uh. It's a long story, so grab some popcorn and start reading.

Three days after I made that last post... June 16...


My freakin' video card (an EVGA GeForce 8800 GT 512MB) died. I spent a few days using a PCI 64MB Geforce 4 MX 440 video card that cost me a buck (brand new, too!), which I replaced with a PCI-Express GeForce 8400 GS with 256MB of RAM which cost me five bucks. It sucks, but it works. I can barely run Team Fortress 2 normally, but this also meant that the majority of my newer video games - as well as virtually any sort of video editing - were completely out of the question. Which was pretty bad considering I was writing a script and capturing footage for what would've been my first actual game-related comedy video - other than my stupid Portal glitches and whatnot. I've been trying to get the money to buy a new video card, but business has been very bad, and I really haven't been able to spare the cash.

Then a week or so later, my sisters and their family came down to visit. The house was pretty busy (five adults and three children sharing a small house, in the summer heat) but things were okay. I was settling down to finish a ton of stuff and get started on new things, since I didn't have to worry over my parents for the moment. And then the unthinkable happened.

My father had been gravely ill for a month or so. He relapsed in late June, and made a partial recovery... but he passed away on July 9 due to respiratory failure from complications derived from pneumonia. We barely managed to arrive to ah, see him pass. And then came the funeral arrangements, and the mourning, and the legal bullshit that the local government and his bank is making us go through just so we can report him as being deceased.

And then another month passed. And finally, here I am.

I'm not gone. I haven't quit doing what I like. I just felt like it was time to ... shut myself off for a while. There is no excuse for me being as lazy as I've been for so long, but I plan to make up for all of that soon enough. Just uh, you know. When I get a new video card that won't spaz at the sight of Direct3D.

If you're here for the romhacks: I'll have some new stuff posted soon, but for the moment I am ready to announce that I am officially dropping Dunk Heroes, seeing that someone else's done some excellent work on it and there's no real reason for me to keep my project going.

If you're here for the Youtube stuff: I've got a couple of new Let's Play series planned, however my reflexes aren't that great, and doing single-game playthroughs from start to finish without savestates are time consuming. But I'm getting there.

If you're here via the comic communities that I used to hang around in: No hard feelings towards pretty much everyone there. I have... stuff planned in that regard as well, unfortunately my host has a very strict no-porn clause so forget about seeing any of that here. Days like these I wish I hadn't left, oh well. :P

I'll have more stuff posted soon.

Yes, really.