Tales of h4x0r: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (Genesis)
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Welcome to Tales of h4x0r, a little thing that I hope will become a regular feature here. But what are the "Tales of h4x0r"? Well, as most of the people who even visit this site know, I used to hack and translate games as a hobby. I stopped doing that because most of the games that deserved a translation already got translated, either officially or unofficially... and I couldn't really go any further than what I did. That and the jerks who sell our stuff for profit turned me away from the whole thing. But, as you might expect, that didn't last very long...

Enter The Cutting Room Floor. BMF54123, an old friend of mine, had a small section on his site where he documented unused and hidden stuff found in video games. More than ten years later, the site is now a wiki. A wiki I ended up joining and contributing to. Quite a bit. I intend to document the stuff I've found here in different detail than what is described at the wiki. Partly because I can explain how I did some things here (since most of that information doesn't really belong there), and partly because I can insert a bit more humor into things. Yes, that's my excuse. Making people visit my site is not an ulterior motive, no sir. (Well, they're getting the biggest chunk of the info, so I don't think they'll mind.)

So let's start with...

Kenneth Branagh
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (Genesis version.)