Just a quick note
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No, I'm not dead, yes, I'm still working on Pizza Cats (sorta), but I'm also working on changing the focus of the site, since certain recent events have caused me to become... disillusioned with my previous hobby.

Well, I managed to fix a few CSS bugs that have plagued the site since the start a few weeks ago. Progress! Woo. Right now I'm waiting for WordPress 3.0 to be released to do a general cleanup of the site. I don't want to have to redo everything then, ya know.

Oh yeah, Cry For Justice 7 sucks. Women in Refrigerators was apparently not bad enough, they had to change it to Children in Refrigerators? EDGYGRIMDARK. Sheesh.

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Ninjapeps over at Scans Daily let me know something really, really frightening a few minutes ago. Namely, that I've been mentioned at TV Tropes, in the Memes: Comics section.

I'm not sure how to feel about it. Happy? Frightened? Ack!

I still have it.
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All new title screen!

Compare this to the original version:

Original title screen

I took the original title screen, resized it with Paint Shop Pro, changed the palette so it used the one the game loads on startup, made it look more like fire than the original, and moved some of the letters around so they would fit better / be more centered. Took me a day or so, but it's pretty much done.

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(Yes, I'm bored right now.)

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I may not be able to say this over at Scans Daily, but I can here, so hah!

Jeph Loeb:
Nobody in the whole of comicdom, not even Dan Didio, has made me so angry that I want to punch people, except for you.

I openly regret being a fan of yours in the past. Rulk isn't "fun". Ultimatum is a piece of trash. And I truly hope that you blackmailed both the editors of those companies into publishing said trash, because you ... you...

Agh. I'm so angry I can't even come up with the words to insult you!

In short? You, sir, shouldn't even be IN comics. KILLING HALF A COMIC BOOK UNIVERSE IS NOT "GOOD WRITING". You're the only person that has made me rage so much that I want to PUNCH YOU.


(Edit: Wow, I never realized I praised Ultimatum by accident. Mistake fixed.)

Oh, Nintendo Power.
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My nephews showed me this month's issue of Nintendo Power. It had a section that spoke of older, popular games for their systems. This month's issue dealt with Kid Dracula. And guess what? They never mentioned you know what.

Of course, they can't do it. They're an official NOA publication. Still, it kinda hurt, being ignored like that.

Anyway, some kind anonymous soul or something sent files that could, in theory, enable me to finish Samurai Pizza Cats, which is cool. Unfortunately, I'm stuck in the middle of rural Tennessee without access to my own computer (and this machine is, to put it bluntly, a POS) so I can't test it.

Just figured someone would like to know.

(Oh yeah, I added some new random quotes, but nobody cares about Killcreek's cleavage.)

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Gone to Gringoland, be back in a month.

In the meantime, here's something to keep you busy. Just watch out for... oh you'll find out.

Gates-chan is so kawaii!
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Remember when I said I wouldn't just be posting romhacking stuff anymore? Well, this is just a sample of what's to come...

Hi, Woz!

Bishi (White Rabbit) Woz wants you to go to Scans Daily. NOW.

I owe you all an explanation.
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To start, go download version 1.04 of the Kid Dracula patch. It changes TWO BYTES! Actually it's just a protection fix to prevent possible crashes in emulators or clone hardware. I also updated the patch info to properly credit Scheurbert, the artist that helped me with the title screen graphics and other stuff. If you live in Australia, hire him to do graphic design for your firm! He's awesome.

Anyway. So what's the deal with the previous post? (more...)

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Math skills, don't fail me now.