This doesn’t exist in DC anymore #1
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Always the smartest one in the room.

Liam Harper.

And, presumably, the drawing of her new home.

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Haters Gonna Hate

I'm not dead yet!

I still need to fix a ton of stuff here and there, but I'm not gone yet!

Crisis averted, sorta
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It turns out TinyPic backpedaled so fast they saved Lois Lane from dying in an earthquake.

We heard from many of our users in regards to these changes and we appreciate your feedback. Tinypic has restored linking to your images and enabled uploading. Please rest assured no content was removed from the site. We tried to notify users on Tinypic and requested they move their content to Photobucket. Unfortunately this messaging was insufficient and has taken many of our users by surprise and we apologize. Our intent was to begin combining some of the best features of Tinypic and Photobucket, thereby offering users a better experience. Any changes in the future will be better communicated. Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience.

Which translates to "We didn't think most of our userbase would complain so much, so all your pictures are available again." Yeah well, the damage is done and I'm definitely not going to use them anymore. I've moved my image hosting to Dropbox. Let's hope they don't suck. ;p

Technical difficulties
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Please stand by

Well it turns out that Tinypic just pulled a dick move and has decided to restrict access to pictures to anyone who doesn't live in the US, Canada, or the UK. Which effectively bans most of their users. Including yours truly. And they say that we can go to Photobucket instead - I LEFT Photobucket because they kept deleting my photos! And I refuse to pay for a service where pictures will just vanish one day without warning. (Hell, this was bad enough.)

I can still get my photos; I just can't see anything else. And believe it or not, I actually care about international readers, so for the moment, I'm stuck without being able to upload any large pictures. I could upload the stuff to the website, but the last thing I want (or need) is for koitsu, the person who graciously gives me free hosting, to get angry at me for making the server's bandwidth usage go nuts. It's not like I get a lot of visitors, but still, those page views add up.

So, I won't be posting any comic book stuff until I find a reasonable (and cheap) solution that doesn't involve me moving the site off

Blah blah blah. Further news coming tomorrow.

Time to choose…
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Sometimes you see the weirdest things in comic books. Do you notice something familiar about this person?

No? Well, you might recognize this man and his crowbar.

I'm not entirely sure this was done on purpose; maybe it was just an odd coincidence, but Dr. Isaacs has a remarkable resemblance to Gordon Freeman, doesn't he? Oddly enough, I was unable to find any other images of Dr. Isaacs from his earlier comic book appearances on the internet. If you can provide one, please contact me and it'll be posted with credit.

Source for the scan is September 2005's Incredible Hulk #84, written by someone I don't want to mention, with artwork by Jorge Lucas. The Gordon Freeman image is part of Valve's promotional materials for Half-Life 2 and was sourced from the internet.

A perfect example of Youngblood’s Disease
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And in true Liefeld fashion, you can't even see Cable's feet! Source is 1993's "What The?!" #25. Artwork by Manny Galan.

Just a quick note
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No, I'm not dead, yes, I'm still working on Pizza Cats (sorta), but I'm also working on changing the focus of the site, since certain recent events have caused me to become... disillusioned with my previous hobby.

Well, I managed to fix a few CSS bugs that have plagued the site since the start a few weeks ago. Progress! Woo. Right now I'm waiting for WordPress 3.0 to be released to do a general cleanup of the site. I don't want to have to redo everything then, ya know.

Oh yeah, Cry For Justice 7 sucks. Women in Refrigerators was apparently not bad enough, they had to change it to Children in Refrigerators? EDGYGRIMDARK. Sheesh.

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Ninjapeps over at Scans Daily let me know something really, really frightening a few minutes ago. Namely, that I've been mentioned at TV Tropes, in the Memes: Comics section.

I'm not sure how to feel about it. Happy? Frightened? Ack!

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I may not be able to say this over at Scans Daily, but I can here, so hah!

Jeph Loeb:
Nobody in the whole of comicdom, not even Dan Didio, has made me so angry that I want to punch people, except for you.

I openly regret being a fan of yours in the past. Rulk isn't "fun". Ultimatum is a piece of trash. And I truly hope that you blackmailed both the editors of those companies into publishing said trash, because you ... you...

Agh. I'm so angry I can't even come up with the words to insult you!

In short? You, sir, shouldn't even be IN comics. KILLING HALF A COMIC BOOK UNIVERSE IS NOT "GOOD WRITING". You're the only person that has made me rage so much that I want to PUNCH YOU.


(Edit: Wow, I never realized I praised Ultimatum by accident. Mistake fixed.)