Happy Foxhack Day! Samurai Pizza Cats released!
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You read right, it's my birthday and I'll release patches if I want to!

First off, the game everyone's wanted done for years, Sengoku Densyo for the SNES! ... what, you didn't want it? Well tough luck, you're getting it anyway! And oh yeah some weird game about armor using, feudal era, italian food eating robotic felines. It's done, in two flavors of awesomeness! So go on and play it RIGHT NOW!

Also of note, I'm taking this moment to announce the obvious: I'm officially retiring from romhacking. I know, I know, everyone thought I'd retired years ago. Well, not so. I couldn't do it until I finished Samurai Pizza Cats... and now that I have, I feel it's time to move on. There's other fields of entertainment I want to explore. Writing, video, audio... truth is, I like to entertain people, and I want to do it again. It's one of the things that got me into romhacking to begin with.

So an era of my internet life is officially over. I have no intention of releasing another translation patch in the future. I may still do it, there's a few things I never announced... but don't expect anything.

I've been at this for close to 13 years now. So, time to move on. It's not like I don't have enough of a backlog already...

Thank you for your patronage. *bows*

And keep an eye out for other updates. Be sure to subscribe to my site via the RSS feed at the bottom of every page. You won't regret it.

Edit: I updated the Pizza Cats' readme file slightly since a few people were surprised at the aggressive tone of some comments I made about the patching utilities. These people have been apologized to, and I added a link to the patching program to it. No offense was meant towards anyone. Guess I'm just cranky in my old age.

Edit again: I added a page explaining how to use the XDelta patching utilities to patch the game. You can see it here.

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  1. Chozo Ninpo
    Posted on June 29, 2012 at 7:17 am | Permalink

    Hell yea! I know a bunch of people that will love to hear about this!

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