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You're probably wondering, what the heck happened? Well, I had to take my website down for a week in order to clean it up. I needed to replace the theme with one that was better optimized and had a few more features. I was originally planning on releasing Kyattou Ninden Teyandee today - yeah, on April 1st. I know, right? Well, that didn't happen due to my computer overheating due to the weather. I did however manage to finally figure out a simple way to add the names to the ending screen credit roll. Neat, huh?

And yes, I am aware that someone else has already released a full translation for the game. Very aware. However, judging from the screenshots I've seen, the guy went with an all-uppercase font and left a lot of things unfinished. That translation was one of the reasons why I decided to finish my own translation. The other was the announcement of official DVD boxset releases for the show (I hope they're not censored and that they include the missing episodes that were not aired in America) so I figured, screw it, might as well get this done with.

I expect to have this the translation finished by next weekend if all goes well. The only things that are missing from the games so far are the title screens, and I still have to finish rewriting the US version of the patch. And figure out how to distribute the thing. Due to the amount of changes that MottZilla and Optomon did to the game itself, creating a legal patch won't be so easy. I'll figure something out.

The other thing I want to mention is the donation link on the sidebar. You're probably thinking, "That lazy git is demanding money from us now?!" Well, no, not really. What do you think I am, some sort of Wolve from the Night? That donation link does not give me any money; it contains a PayPal donation link for my webhost, Parodius Networking. They have hosted me for several years at no charge, so please, if you've liked what I've done, give them a couple of bucks. They deserve it for hosting my lazy ass for so long.

So anyway. Keep your eyes on Twitter for more updates.

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