John Belushi lives on in Ray Stantz’ dreams – and other tidbits
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So I was reading IDW's Ghostbusters #1 and well, found a ton of awesome easter eggs and references to the series' lore that I figured would be nice to share with people. The first one is a biggie, and reported by several comic news sites that I don't really read 'cause I'm dumb like that. John Belushi is in this comic. Sorta.

Doncha worry, Brother Rayyyyyyy

Sideburns galore!

It's an interesting tribute, considering Onionhead (who'd later be known as Slimer in the cartoon series and the video game) was supposed to be a tribute to Belushi, who died before the movie was greenlit. I noticed a bunch of other stuff which might have gone unnoticed by most folks... The following contains spoilers for the book!

After the dream sequence featuring Belushi, Ray is shown in his bed, waking up, holding a plush dog. (Bonus cameo by a bag of Stay-Puft marshmallows!)

Really Ray, we told you eating marshmallows will make John Belushi haunt your dreams!

This dog bears a striking resemblance to the original version of Dopey Dog, as featured in the episode "The Boogeyman Cometh".

I'm still not sure why I was able to remember this.

A little bit later, we see a man get possessed by ghosts, and this is in the background:

New Jersey makes the weirdest bidets. Ick.

I noticed two cool things here. One, the toilet is based on the "Ghost in the Toilet" Real Ghostbusters action figure! And two, the character in the picture above? It took me a while to figure out who that was, but that's Sir Bruce.

Well, at least we're not spending money on toilet paper anymore! Let us pray he doesn't have dandruff.

Even later on, Winston is using the PKE meter...

Egon still can't create a decent user interface.

... which happens to have the exact same image on it as the toy PKE Meter released by Kenner!

I always wanted one of these when I was a kid. *sobs*

And finally, a cool bit of canon from the backup story:

Man, why'd Lenny have to get kicked out of office?
Yes sir, that beard has no dick.

I've cut out some portions of the entire story there, but what this basically does is:
A) Namedrops Mayor Mulligan.
B) Mentions an explosion from a couple of months back.
C) Namedrops (and reintroduces) the Paranormal Contracts Oversight Commission into the series.

What's cool about that? Well, Mayor Mulligan was the mayor in Ghostbusters: The Video Game, released by Atari in 2009, and developed by Terminal Reality. The Paranormal Contracts Oversight Commission, or P.C.O.C., is also from that game, and is the reason why Walter Peck is still around. The explosion is referencing the end of issue #2 of IDW's Ghostbusters: Infestation tie-in to their main Infestation series (which also involved G.I. Joe, Transformers, and friggin' Star Trek, believe it or not!)

So essentially, Ghostbusters, portions of The Real Ghostbusters (possibly), Ghostbusters II, Ghostbusters: The Video Game, and Ghostbusters: Infestation, are all on the same timeline. It's a neat shoutout to those longtime fans like me. Aheh. Sadly (or not) there's little chance that the 88mph miniseries, and the Tokyopop book are in continuity. Even if they were, I doubt Peter would like to remember the time they were all in drag...

Do I have to post horror comics now? Should I?

Ghostbusters #1 was published by IDW. The main story was written by Erik Burnham with artwork by Dan Schoening, but the two last images were created and written by Tristan Jones. His DeviantArt page has larger versions of two photos that were only shown in part in the story. My favorite is this one. Some pictures and information snagged from the Ghostbusters Wiki. Other photos were sourced from Google Images.

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