Technical difficulties
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Please stand by

Well it turns out that Tinypic just pulled a dick move and has decided to restrict access to pictures to anyone who doesn't live in the US, Canada, or the UK. Which effectively bans most of their users. Including yours truly. And they say that we can go to Photobucket instead - I LEFT Photobucket because they kept deleting my photos! And I refuse to pay for a service where pictures will just vanish one day without warning. (Hell, this was bad enough.)

I can still get my photos; I just can't see anything else. And believe it or not, I actually care about international readers, so for the moment, I'm stuck without being able to upload any large pictures. I could upload the stuff to the website, but the last thing I want (or need) is for koitsu, the person who graciously gives me free hosting, to get angry at me for making the server's bandwidth usage go nuts. It's not like I get a lot of visitors, but still, those page views add up.

So, I won't be posting any comic book stuff until I find a reasonable (and cheap) solution that doesn't involve me moving the site off

Blah blah blah. Further news coming tomorrow.