What could’ve been.
Permalink -- Posted in Blog, News on October 10, 2008 at 3:48 pm

D recently released a Python script that decompressed the data in three particular Konami games for the NES: Dracula II, Rampart, and Ai Senshi Nicole. Out of all the three, I was mostly interested in Nicole for silly, personal reasons.

See, Konami released a soundtrack album featuring music from Nicole, Wai Wai World 2, and Kid Dracula. Since I'd already translated both WW2 and Kid Dracula I've wanted to translate Ai Senshi Nicole too, to complete the trilogy, so to speak. Once D released his script I was happy... but I didn't count on one thing: Konamicrack.

I was able to extract the graphic data and reinsert it, but once I did, the game would not boot. So yes, the game has protection which I can't figure out. I even made a mockup of the new title screen design (which has already been optimized for reinsertion into the game itself!)

Cool, eh? I spent several days working on this, but... well, I can't reinsert it. So if anyone wants to help me to figure out why the game crashes, and wishes to release the game as a joint project, I'm available.

I'll have a real update sometime later this week.