So hey, how about hiring me?
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Uh, hi. Sorry for the silence for these past few months. Okay, almost two years. Jeez, where has the time gone... I've been busy with lots of things, but nothing that should've kept me from posting stuff on this site. But I still stayed away, and I apologize for that.

But that's not why I'm making this post. I'm basically looking for a job. Yes, really.

I know a lot of folks mostly know me because of the fan-made game translations I worked on as a project leader for twelve years... well, would you be surprised if I told you I'm really a translator? I have a bachelor's degree in English/Spanish translation from a local University. I graduated a long time ago, and never really used my degree for anything that wasn't scene-related; most of the people who graduated with me (most of my friends) couldn't find jobs as translators, we went into other fields. A few became English teachers; one became a Japanese teacher at the university we graduated from. I got some odd jobs once in a while, and opened a small online business selling stuff... and then we have the guy who sells tacos, and who probably makes more money than all of us combined. But that's going off topic.

The point is, my business has been going very, very badly. There's not enough merchandise nor enough sales to keep me and my family afloat, and my two hometowns (in the US and Mexico) are basically dead in the water because of corrupt and incompetent politicians, the crappy economy, and rampant crime. I've been unable to find a job anywhere for years; most people won't hire me because of my age. I'm not even that old!

So I've decided I want to give translating stuff another shot. I actually have one official game translation under my belt - for Escape Goat, by Ian Stocker. The translation I worked on is already live on Steam (I'm not sure if it's available on the DRM free builds). It's mostly done, except for a bunch or proofreading for the level editor that I never got to. (I should probably tell him I want to finish this.)

There are a lot of Steam users who post at game forums asking for official localizations into their own languages, but there aren't that many translators out there capable of helping. Plus a lot of these indie devs don't have the amount of money required to pay for a translation from the big localization companies. So I want to help by offering affordable translation work to these developers - the more languages their games are available in, the more sales they can get, which means more money, which means funding for more projects! And I'm hoping that with enough time and finished jobs, I can build up a portfolio large enough to pitch to translation companies in hopes of being added to their list of freelance translators.

But, you're probably asking, what the hay-Zeus do you even know about localization? Well, as I mentioned, I have a Bachelor's Degree on the subject, where I learned writing and editing techniques. I was also one of the students with the highest knowledge of English in general (I guess all those movies and books helped out). Plus the years and years of working on fan translations helped me build project testing and management skills, which I am willing to share with anyone who hires me.

But I don't just want to translate games! I can also translate most forms of media, including comics (both print and web-based), videos (subtitles), and product manuals. I can work on almost everything, as long as I have access to the text and something to edit it. The only things I am unable to work on are unfortunately, adventure games running off Adventure Game Studio. I've approached a few developers offering to translate their games and they've all refused because the way the engine works makes it incredibly difficult to localize games, which sucks. So sorry, until someone fixes the thing so it supports easy localizations, I can't work on them.

And the price? Well, I will definitely not charge the standard localization prices - my prices will be fair for a small developer, and enough to keep me from starving to death. (That's the beauty of living in Mexico, your Dollars go a long way down here.) Depending on the type of game and how much text I have to work on, I may even do the work for free. All I ask is that you let me feature screenshots and bits of dialogue in a portfolio, both physical and here on my website. Sometimes screenshots will be enough, but I may create videos to feature in a work reel. This would have to be worked out individually, but that's more or less all I need. Oh, and did I mention you get free touch-ups to any translations I work on? So if down the road something has to be changed due to a mistake, I'll fix it, no questions asked.

So uh, yeah.

Hey, business pitches were never my thing. But I am serious about wanting to translate games again.

So if you're interested in my services, or just want to talk about this to figure things out, please leave a reply to this post (replies are kept private for anti-spam reasons) or tweet at me at @Foxhack. Hopefully we can work something out.

Thanks for reading that wall of TL;DR.

Tales of h4x0r: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (Genesis)
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Welcome to Tales of h4x0r, a little thing that I hope will become a regular feature here. But what are the "Tales of h4x0r"? Well, as most of the people who even visit this site know, I used to hack and translate games as a hobby. I stopped doing that because most of the games that deserved a translation already got translated, either officially or unofficially... and I couldn't really go any further than what I did. That and the jerks who sell our stuff for profit turned me away from the whole thing. But, as you might expect, that didn't last very long...

Enter The Cutting Room Floor. BMF54123, an old friend of mine, had a small section on his site where he documented unused and hidden stuff found in video games. More than ten years later, the site is now a wiki. A wiki I ended up joining and contributing to. Quite a bit. I intend to document the stuff I've found here in different detail than what is described at the wiki. Partly because I can explain how I did some things here (since most of that information doesn't really belong there), and partly because I can insert a bit more humor into things. Yes, that's my excuse. Making people visit my site is not an ulterior motive, no sir. (Well, they're getting the biggest chunk of the info, so I don't think they'll mind.)

So let's start with...

Kenneth Branagh
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (Genesis version.)


The Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe
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A very very long time ago, before Garth Ennis became well known for his run on The Punisher, he wrote a one-shot issue called The Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe. Try to guess what it's about!

This was actually an okay story, and it switches up some bits of the Punisher's origin, so I'm going to talk a bit about it. (more...)

So what am I up to these days
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A long time ago, my old friend BMF54123 (whose you might recognize from some of my game translations - he helped me quite a bit with technical stuff) had a section on his web site called "The Cutting Room Floor". He wrote about all the unused stuff people found in games. He had quite a bit of content, but he didn't update the page very often - probably because he was too busy with real life. I ended up forgetting about the page for quite a few years, but I stumbled upon it fairly recently, only to find it wasn't a page anymore - it was now a wiki.

And I figured, BMF helped me a lot. So why not return the favor? And so, I have.

Some of the more interesting stuff I've contributed is the unused text in Yume Penguin Monogatari (as well as an explanation of the anti-piracy features, as explained to me by a hacker who never told me who he really was), unused music and sound effects in Art of Fighting (Neo-Geo), and how to play Jackal in Konami Collector's Series: Castlevania & Contra! Well, sorta. I still have no idea if there's a real code to play the games.

I'm currently working on a bombshell of an entry for The Punisher. Well, three entries. I originally found some unused stuff on the PC version, then I found some more stuff on the PS2 version, and then I found some really awesome stuff on the Xbox version. I'll post this content as soon as I'm finished.

Oh yeah, I was supposed to talk about comics too, wasn't I? Well... how about some Punisher stuff, since I'm already messing with the games?

Stupidity abounds
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So a couple of weeks ago, I got this message:

I blinked, then I saw who sent it - and I laughed. For ten straight minutes. Now, who sent it? I'll keep his true identity a secret, but he was one of the people who offered to host me after I announced that Parodius Networking would close. I turned down his offer almost immediately because of what he does.

And what does he do? He sells SNES game reproductions - games that friends and acquaintances of mine have hacked. This idiot has the balls to ask me to translate games for him despite all my translation pages saying that everything I do is not for commercial use. By now I think he's probably brain damaged or worse... so I send him an email.

I guess this hit a nerve because he sent a reply shortly after:

Hey, guess what - I know romhacks are illegal. I've known this due to the twelve or so years I made them. But you know what else? I'm proud to say that I never, not once, asked for money to do these things. Not a single cent. And I'm damn proud of it.

Also, you're charging $65 dollars per cart. $65! CHARGING MONEY FOR LABOR IS STILL CHARGING MONEY. You want to know why so many of us got away with making translation patches? We don't charge money for them, or sell anything. Our work is derivative. We never claimed ownership of the game. We have no real rights over what we do. And the minute you start making money is the minute they start paying attention to you. Because you're making money with their hard work, not them. Supporting homebrew development with the profits? Like hell. You're probably paying for your Cheetos with it or some shit.

People who make money off of freely available patches are scum. You're just as bad as those douchebags that freeware computer recovery programs on eBay. So yes, you moron, you can go screw yourself. People like you are the reason why I stopped translating games.


Agh, I rambled. Sorry about that. The balls on that guy...

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Well, it IS Olympic season, so why not post some stuff involving everyone*'s favorite Olympian?

(* Not including Northstar fans.)

Uh, Herc, what are you doing

You just know this won't end well.

Check the new digs
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After a bit over ten years, this site is no longer being hosted by Parodius Networking (due to its upcoming shutdown) - I'm now hosted by

Also I'm not sure why I never posted about it here. I fixed the layout to mention them a while ago, I've had this post in the queue for a while, too. Whoops? Ha ha.

So yep. :p

Samurai Pizza Cats v1.01 patch released
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Thanks to Sam Delaurentis, I have been notified that the patch does not work on the "newest" version of Samurai Pizza Cats, the verified rom in GoodNES 3.14. After checking out the game and finding only minor differences (two bytes, one of which was changed by MottZilla's modifications anyway), I created a new patch based on that version of the game, which should be easier to locate. I also updated the readme to mention the CRC of the game, and added a link to the tutorial page.

As before, you can get the patch here. There really shouldn't be much differences between the older patched game and this one. But better safe than sorry.

Happy Foxhack Day! Samurai Pizza Cats released!
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You read right, it's my birthday and I'll release patches if I want to!

First off, the game everyone's wanted done for years, Sengoku Densyo for the SNES! ... what, you didn't want it? Well tough luck, you're getting it anyway! And oh yeah some weird game about armor using, feudal era, italian food eating robotic felines. It's done, in two flavors of awesomeness! So go on and play it RIGHT NOW!

Also of note, I'm taking this moment to announce the obvious: I'm officially retiring from romhacking. I know, I know, everyone thought I'd retired years ago. Well, not so. I couldn't do it until I finished Samurai Pizza Cats... and now that I have, I feel it's time to move on. There's other fields of entertainment I want to explore. Writing, video, audio... truth is, I like to entertain people, and I want to do it again. It's one of the things that got me into romhacking to begin with.

So an era of my internet life is officially over. I have no intention of releasing another translation patch in the future. I may still do it, there's a few things I never announced... but don't expect anything.

I've been at this for close to 13 years now. So, time to move on. It's not like I don't have enough of a backlog already...

Thank you for your patronage. *bows*

And keep an eye out for other updates. Be sure to subscribe to my site via the RSS feed at the bottom of every page. You won't regret it.

Edit: I updated the Pizza Cats' readme file slightly since a few people were surprised at the aggressive tone of some comments I made about the patching utilities. These people have been apologized to, and I added a link to the patching program to it. No offense was meant towards anyone. Guess I'm just cranky in my old age.

Edit again: I added a page explaining how to use the XDelta patching utilities to patch the game. You can see it here.

Parodius closing down – but I’m not going away
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Welp, is closing down because the owner has decided (with good reasons, mind you) to stop his free website hosting service, so my website will be without a host at the end of August. Does it suck? Yes. Do I hate the owner of Parodius? Maybe a little. But he hosted me for free for around 11 years so it's no big deal. I'll be eternally grateful to him for being so generous with me and tolerating my dumb ass for so long. I'm currently looking into new hosting. I have a bit over five months so there's enough time for me to shop around.

What does this mean for my site? Essentially, nothing. The site will go on. I have no intentions of closing down for the foreseeable future - and if I do decide to shut it down I'll make sure the contents are backed up in a public manner. On my own terms. So please don't go around making backups of my site's contents. Doing it without permission isn't cool.